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The best online resources during lockdown.
With lockdown in place for the foreseeable, we’ve been granted the luxury of untold time. As a matter of fact it’s also an opportunity to learn a new skill.

Apart from always great PMI online resources (I particularly suggest the Business Continuity one at following link

Here inputs from my side:
- Harvard leading through pandemic
- LBS Pandemic Webinars
- Digital Product Masterclass
- INSEAD Webinar Series: Navigating the Turbulence of COVID 19

As you can see my preferred topics are product development, innovation and leadership but I am really open to enlarge my learning horizons.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.
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There are many webinars available on this website that I have found informative. They also have the added bonus of satisfying the PDU requirements for maintaining any certifications you may have.
Hello Cinzia,

I am sure that you will enjoy this one:


Thank you for sharing those great resource. I hope you and the family in Italy are safe and healthy.

Hello Cinzia:

Pluralsight is FREE for the month of April....

Enjoy and stay safe!
Hi Cinzia, thank you for sharing, keep safe and well during this pandemic everyone
Great, Cinzia. Fantastic resources. Another resource is which aggregates from multiple sources
PMI offers some free online courses as well:
Most of the Ivy league universities are offering also free courses.
Check out ZDNet Academy. They have a lot of products and courses reduced to very little.
Hi Cinzia, is my favorite

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