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I hope everyone doing well, I want to ask you the major tips how can I achieve successful project objectives? And whom do I involve to get the faster result?
I'm a new Professional in Project Management.
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Hi there,

That is actually an excellent question and I can definitely relate to you. Projects are all about practice, the more hands on experience you have the more you actually learn. Reading about people's experiences is also super helpful, as you see how industries, culture, and types of projects actually make a difference on the way the project is done and results.
With that being said, PMI library has loads of articles that can provide guidance. Please find some links below.
Have a read, I hope this helps!
All the best,
In addition to the excellent resources Fatema provided, I would also recommend getting involved in your local PMI chapter. There you can ask questions of experienced PM's and also find a mentor who can help you grow in the profession.
Hi, the people who will decide if a project is successful are the sponsor(s) and the stakeholders. The majority think KPIs will define success, but we have seen many projects achieving KPIs and ending not being good for the organizations/customers. Focus on the benefits, not the deliverables. Document everything, specially your understanding of the benefits and deliverables, and the customers acceptance. This will determine who you need to bring onboard. Make it "backwards", start with the benefits, then de deliverables, then the team.
Two immediate thoughts:
1) make sue you understand the project objectives. Typically there are more than one and you have to establish the priorities, and
2) define and get consensus on success - delivering everything wanted on budget within the time constraints is not always achievable (actually rarely accomplished).
Then you can start planning on how to get there and who can help you make it happen.
Client satisfaction, align yourself with the client goals. Of course project to stay within the budget, schedule baselines and sustainability of the final product

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