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What a single tip would you like to give project managers working remotely worldwide?
Mostly international project management community is working remotely. What a single tip would you like to give to remote project managers in order to stay productive?
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Use video conferencing for communications as much as you can. Don't just have voice calls or emails. It helps a lot to see the faces, reactions, body language, etc. The PM's main responsibility is communication, let's do it in the best more effective way.

Allow liberty to the team do conference calls to solve complex problems, continue to do brainstorming, to socialize from time to time, otherwise the team will be a group of the individuals reporting daily status, and run the risk of loose cohesion.

As we say in my country, out of sight out of mind and heart.

Revisit the working agreements for your team, and re-review expectations for communication with all key stakeholders.
90% of communication with team members and stakeholders still valid (preferred to use video conferencing for communications)
Take into consideration cultural and time zone differences. Incorporating team building sessions so team members become familiar with each other’s cultures and agree on common working ethics / team culture will help mitigate such situation.
Empowering team to be more self organizing
Communicate effectively... Use active listening approach to ensure good communication
Bringing focus on one topic and resolving it with clarity having agreement of all is very important in such teleconference calls.
Love your team. All of them.
The rest will come along.
It is the same than you work inside the office but you interact with the team by phone or email or skype.
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