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Are standard deviation and six sigma percentages being taught for PMP Exam?
I'm leading a PMP exam prep class using Velociteach curriculum. Noticed there is no discussion of the percentages for confidence intervals and only a cursory comment that estimates should always be presented as a range of values. Does anyone have insight on whether it is considered relevant anymore?
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Shannon, you should ask velociteach.

I still have slides about basic concepts in my PMP Prep class but most students are knowledgeable about basic statistics, so I do not teach it.

Think there are exam questions asking about confidence intervals, variation, decision tree/EMV, three point estimates.

This may change with PMBoK ed 7 though.

I echo Thomas - pls check with Velociteach why those are not there anymore.

However, from PMI point of view, I think it's relevant as ever for foreseeable future.

Basic concepts of standard deviation, Six Sigma would continue to be important from defects reduction, continuous improvement etc PMI perspectives (monitoring & control) as you know. So for the exam too..

Best wishes, Ravi
PMP exam contains situational questions then you will find situations where those calculations has to be taken into account to select the correct answer for the presented situation
Shannon -

I also teach using the Velociteach system and the quality knowledge area covers both of these in detail. First in the control charts section and then later in the quality management terms section when they go into standard deviation and six sigma vs. three sigma.
I am not familiar with the Velociteach system but PMP exam is not dependent on specific platform or guidelines. It is mostly experience based and from my point of view, knowing the the six sigma details is important especially when the 6 Sigma is to be used and when 3 Sigma makes more sense from quality point of view.
I found it in the quality section. Need to recreate my old discussions about using it with time and cost estimates, not just quality metrics.

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