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Agile concept is simple but applying it is difficut, where do I get chances to practice?
I found that Agile, especially scrum has very few concept to memorize, but trying to apply it in a company project encounters enormorus difficulties.
Is there any way I can practice it more, like running a project remotely or volunteer work.
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If you think your project would benefit from applying even one or two tools from the agile methodology, I would encourage you to pitch it to your project sponsor. I was involved in a large digital transformation project that was managed primarily using traditional waterfall methodology, however the project director suggested we use agile and lean methodologies for the testing portion of the project because traditional wasn't working out - and we were quite successful with it.
That's one of the reasons why the authors of Scrum say it is easy to understand but hard to implement!

The larger the scale of your agile transformation and the more established the traditional mindsets, behavior and practices of the organization, the harder to make the change.

However, this doesn't mean you can't start to introduce agile thinking or specific practices in a given project or operational context - just be aware that the journey to increased agility might take less or more time depending on where you are starting.

That's why I love the Disciplined Agile toolkit - it is pragmatic by recognizing that there may be constraints faced by teams which can't be eliminated in the near term, but that shouldn't prevent us from embracing a culture of continuous improvement.

As Nour stated, you can introduce a couple of the scrum ceremonies into your routine.
Another recommendation I would have is to take a grass-roots approach. Find a project and project sponsor (product owner) willing to give it a try. Assemble a willing team and work on a smaller project or enhancement. Promote the efficiencies and wins. Have the sponsor talk about the benefits with their peers in the company. Start small and let your results speak for themselves. This is by no means an overnight success and will take time. But, if there's value, it's worth it.
Agile is far more than Scrum. It's a state of mind that shall start by you PM. Scrum is a methodology that only makes sense if you have, or you are in a team that follows it.
You don't even need a project. Consider applying Agile in your daily activities. Prioritize your work's value, build in stakeholder reviews and do your own retrospectives. In fact, you should challenge yourself to use agile in your personal life.
You've had some good suggestions already. I would also recommend trying to find a business sponsor rather than just IT or PMO ownership. Ideally your agile transformation needs business leadership otherwise it may look to others like just the latest fad being imposed by IT.
Agile principle is not dificult to implement. All people in this world is performing agile way of living. If not, they die. The problem is the big missunderstanding outside there. I guess if I ask "what is agile?" you will answer me in the wrong way. Agile is not about to use a process/method, Agile is not about software products, Agile is not about mindset/culture/etc (while those are components to take into account to implement Agile). Here the short article I wrote and the PMI has published:

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