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Anyone here work for Amazon?
Hi guys, I would love to know what a normal day is like in a dynamic company such as Amazon.

I've previously worked with Tesla as an engineer, and the PMs there were always on the go, things were always changing, and it was really difficult to follow a methodical approach. I wonder how different it is.

I also have a few questions about a specific role and want to understand how do you feel about the challenges you get to solve and how impactful the work is.
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As you can see, no peer answer this question. First, not all the people like to disclose where they work (as me), also some organizations are not "fan" of their employees participating in forums or talking about their challenges at work.

So, my commendation is that you'll use LinkedIn and look for your 1st or 2nd connections that work at Amazon. Maybe you'll find someone.

Good luck!
Vinayak -

Glassdoor would be the other site I'd use for this sort of query. It is also important to note that corporate culture can vary widely within multinationals so the experiences of folks in different locations may not be relevant.


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