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Project Manager with transportation background
I would like to find someone with transportation project management experience. Trucking if possible.
With over 20 years in commercial aviation including passenger and freight, I have found that there is a lot of crossover between industries. When I worked R&D projects, we often benchmarked other transport industries like automotive (Kenworth's factory is right next to ours), trains, cruise ships, etc. We hire people from outside industries because of the knowledge they bring in that applies directly to our own work.

The industries break down into smaller chunks. There is the vehicle construction and outfitting, route planning, supply chain management, maintenance, back office processes, infrastructure... The nature of those have many similarities regardless if the vehicles used run on roads, rails, water, or fly above it all.

Seeing how you aren't getting any other responses, my advice to solicit ideas from the wealth of PM knowledge here is to focus less on the industry, and more the types of functions you are managing in your projects. For example if I hear people talking about training development in the IT field, I know the core knowledge area there is how to develop effective training, not whether it gets used in IT or brick-and-mortar projects.


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