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Are you a PM Coach - Giving back !
How do you see your role as a Coach, Mentor & a Trainer beyond the PDUs it generates ?

Has the current lock-down influenced this in any form - like you have opened YouTube channel etc Would like to hear your thoughts, pls.

thanks in advance
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regarding mentoring it did not change much, as I did it virtually anyhow, with about 10 people. Mainly thru skype 1:1, across the world and typically once a month for 1 hour (there are more frequent and less frequent, depending on needs). Many increased their online communications anyhow.

Regarding training, I canceled onsite trainings. I increased my webinars globally, by invitation of teams, companies and PMI Chapters.

Also, there are some newly created forums I participate, discussing potential futures (which is a trending topic), mainly thru zoom with 10-80 participants. One of them also has an active group activity on teams.

Regarding youtube, I have now 14 videos talks about program management, jointly with Dharam Singh, and lately we invited Olivier Lazar.
Pauly -

Similar to Thomas, as I stopped attending local Chapter meetings a long time ago, the majority of my coaching and mentoring has been virtual and hasn't been affected by the pandemic.

I'm continuing to contribute to this community and the LinkedIn PMI discussion group with which I serve as one of the volunteer moderators.

As training is my main job, I've had to adapt like many others to live virtual delivery. While initially challenging, I now am really enjoying the experience of both creating engaging course ware in the new medium and delivering content to classes and expect to continue to do so beyond the lifting of restrictions.

I'm much less keen on "canned" recordings of me - I dabbled with Skillshare a year or so back and have done a number of webinars for this and other communities, some of which are available on-demand, but it is something I've been mostly opportunistic about...


I am in line with my fellow colleagues feedback. I continue to mentor, coach and do training virtually via various platforms like Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting and other. The magnitude of coaching and training slowed down a bit as people are in survival mode now so they have other priorities.

Moreover, I am part of the mentorship program of the PMI West Coast Chapter and we continue to provide support to our mentees remotely and it works well.

While being so busy with my full time job, I took sometime to enhance my website, publish a few more article, expand my network on LinkedIn and do more professional development.


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