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PMO attenting Project Board meetings
Hi, please, kindly let me know your advise on this:

Our organization runs IT projects and we are part of the PMO, we have proposed to attend Project Board/Steering Comitee meetings as PMO capacity to be aware of on-going discussions, have an overall idea of project status and when needed provide advice from the PMO perspective.

The proposal has not been well received and the reason is because the fact of PMO attending Project Board/Steering Comitee meetings is not part of any Project Management standard.

I am a bit confused, as one of the jobs the PMO perform is to help and provide guidance and assurance on the Project Management process so letting the PMO to attend these meetings would be beneficial for all parties.

What do you think? Should the PMO not be part of Project Board meetings for any particular reason?

Thanks in advance!
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May 05, 2020 2:52 AM
Replying to MD Sarfaraj Alam
That's an interesting question.

At the outset, it really depends upon organizational culture, structure, or policies. In a large complex multi functional organizations with unique centralized PMO like team for each businesses, this would probably not be the best use of PMO's time. A lot will be managed locally by regional teams.

It really depends upon what value PMO could add to the specific projects.
True! The goal is to provide guidance and receive information, most of the PMs are accidental and have no clue about the framework and sometimes PBoards/SCs have to be reminded as well...
Hi Ximo, We at PMO participate, and prepares the agenda for the Steering Committee, typically comprises senior managers who have a vested interest in the delivery and/or outcome of the project/programs and get strategic directions.
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