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Is scrum only for software development?
Hi guys
I am getting involved in a R&D project witch is related to automotive industry and now I have a question :
is scrum just for software development or it can be used to other types of project developments?
thanks for your guides
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try it.
Scrum can be used for any activity that is suited to teamwork and iterative or incremental delivery. According to the authors of scrum it is already used to build cars and also to run a laundry, teach students in a classroom, make space craft, plan a wedding and manage payroll.
This is like if someone asks "Are spoons made to be used only in soups?". No, they are also useful to wrap spaghetti around them. Like Thomas, I encourage you to apply it in your project. If your company is not familiar with scrum, it will take a significant amount of trial error. This is one of scrum principles, easy to understand, very hard to master. Keep us posted on the progress.
Scrum is for what you decide to apply in. Nowadays i see applying scrum besides development, in Marketing, Human Resources and several others situations.
Before you apply it, you should consider the context, is scrum really bring value or agility to your business, consider other approaches or tailoring if necessary and take and informed decision.
In the last step experiment and adapt what really works in your context, frequently when we change of work process is normally to have a performance decrease before expected boost to high performance be patient and always try to continuous improve your work process.

Alexandre Costa
Hi Bahman,
if you are developing something that is quite new use traditional and very thorough planning with a lot of gates in your schedule for creating product MVP.
Then you can use agile, scrum and whatever you want for the product improvement.
Not at all. I am using Scrum from 1991. From 1998 I am using Scrum for creating non software based solutions each time its applies. To not fail you have to take into account that Scrum is a framework then you have to fill it up with tools and techniques that best fits for your current situation, including it will be the same you are using today. Scrum is defined nto the Scrum Guide ( then you wll not find a line about you have to use things like user stories, story points, kanban boards and so on.
Scrum is not solely for software development. It is simply a framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex projects.

I agree with my fellow colleagues. While Scrum is widely used in software development, it is not only for IT. You can use it widely for other industries like Automotive Production especially if you combine it with Kanban so you basically use Scrumban.

Scrum on its own is not enough to manage a project as it has more to do with the product delivery side of things.

As Eduard says - keep us posted on the progress, I would add - let us also know the challenges faced - people would come forward with recommendations, solutions and we would learn as well. Looking forward to the learning.

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