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How the testing world will change Post Covid? How can we transform ourselves to remain competitive?
Due to the emphasis on working from home during the pandemic, it has become important to provide access to tools, applications via smooth connectivity, so that it does not hamper the client delivery time along with maintaining the quality of delivery.
The focus will shift to cloud computing, meetings being held via virtual meeting rooms. Telecom communication will take a centre-stage.
Digital learning platform will open more testing opportunities in the field of e-learning while adopting automation testing approach.
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In the past two months, our company has not only increased bandwidth for VPN connections, but has issues a multitude of accounts for virtual platforms, now in high demand.

I believe that adjustments will be made not just from a company standpoint, but from outside forces. For example, in parts of Ohio, USA where are associates live, it is very rural. There is no wifi accessible to these locations. I believe that companies will be stepping up to gain these customers, now required to work from home and provide them with means in which were not thought about prior to COVID. At least, this is my hope.
It has to be done for organizations long time ago, not for the pandemic. In fact there were pandemics/epidemics time ago like Flu-A or Dengue (something perhaps the first world do no know). The only thing the current situation perhaps has helped is to push organizations to do that.
As you already marked the possibilities..
We need to be ready with solutions for work from anywhere.
The tools like vpn, remote lab setups, increased automation, virtual project managment tools to monitor the activities, more shift to agile methods like virtual standup meetings,
Digital white boards.. etc and more. The possibilities are endless and we need to focus on the strength and possible accommodation of virtual and remote solution in all possible areas.

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"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

- Mahatma Gandhi