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In a PMO, how to measure the compence level of each PM?
Is it exists an checklist or survey to evaluate the competence level of a PM? with the goal to know the strenghts and weakness of the team, and create a development plan.
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You can use competencies profile by creating evaluation criteria for key competencies with different levels of development
An example can be found here for one of those.
Once you have create the table you can prepare development plan for them.
Normally levels are learn, apply, develop and transfer from new to máster
Jesus -

Have you looked at PMI's Competency Development Framework as I think it would be a good starting point for you:

Great feedback thus far. Establish a competency model either based on what has been shared above, or modeled specifically for your organization. Socialize the model, establish a baseline with current Project Management staff, and incorporate as part of the yearly evaluation standard. GL!
Well, I hate this type of things. But just in case there is no other way to step out for it I will go with @Kiron reference above.
This will depend on the PMO in your organization and the authority they have, also the activities they are involved.
As suggested above you can use the attached matrix and tailor them to your organization need.
Hi Jesus,
Your question is very generic and it is not clear the aim of such competence survey or evaluation. I would caution that this can have very serious consequences if not done properly, to people and their professional development and career.
First and most important question is who needs such assessment and for what purpose
I did developed in the past internal project managers' profiles, integrated with the internal project managers' certification process, identifying areas for improvement and development measures for the project managers in order to develop to the next career level. All this was done in close cooperation and collaboration with HR department and functional / line managers of project managers, included in the yearly appraisal process.
If it is not done properly, it can have damaging effect on real people and real careers.
Therefore, creating such a survey and assessment takes time and effort.

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