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I have been struggling to find a job this past year. I have six years of experience working in the architecture and IT industry. I have a bachelor of business administration and started going back to school this past year to get my Master's done. I have my CAPM certification as well as training in Scrum Master. I am well equipped in a couple of computer languages. I wanted to seek advice or any suggestions on becoming a better fit for a potential company in the future.
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Its sad to know that you are struggling to find a job. My two cent advise is that instead of doing masters, develop skills in new technologies & jobs will come searching for you.. New areas of technical expertise are cloud technologies (AWS related certification), Containers related technologies like Kubernetes, and data scientist related certification/technologies. This should make you indispensable.

Yes, you should have good network in the industry or domain without which you might still not get to know about openings which are now a days only published in the closed circles.
In 1983, I wrote more than 100 job applications, got less than 10 interviews and finally had a job I was not looking for, thru connections.
Currently I am mentoring 2 people who desperately look for jobs in Germany and Brazil, respectively.

This is the new and the old normal. Eventually a job will come swimming along. Make sure you do not miss it and trust yourself to handle any challenge.
What role are you targetting? You have a variety of different skill sets and credentials so there are many potential roles which might be a fit but that will dilute your job search process.

Identify the primary role which you want and which you feel qualified for and focus on that. Explore job shadowing and volunteer opportunities related to that role which would help differentiate you. Network, network, network.

It is sad that you are not able to find a suitable job.

But it is also not clear which role you are targetting for, is it into technical or project management.
If it is technical then you may need to define your focus on which technology you want to excel into or may be at domain specific.

Similarly if you are looking for career into project management. Then you need to look for; do you have enough experience and skills required. You can take help from your seniors to guide you or help you in identifying gaps. You can work on them to bridge the gaps through training, volunteering, shadow internship or learning through application into your own project.
You can also identify a suitable mentor who is willing to help you.

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