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Program - Transition to Operation
Greetings!! I have seen this question asked before but it was about 2 years ago, so hope to have a different response. Does someone have a Transition to Operation template? Thanks
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Ruth -

there seems to be one available here:

However, I'd suggest that transition procedures are highly context-sensitive depending on the organization's policies, structure, key stakeholders who need to be involved, and the scope of the project and implementation itself.

As such, you may be better off looking for an example from a fellow PM within your company to reduce the amount of (re)work.

Hi Ruth,

I have done many transitions and each required a different approach depending on the circumstances. Concur with Kiron on this.

A good description of
- component transition (deliverables)
- benefits transition
is given in PMI's Standard for Program Management.

I would add organizational change management as a key topic for a transition, concepts like ADKAR or may help.

It is important to enable operations to run and maintain (have seen separate maintenance organizations setup) the product, but also business users to use it effectively. And in the end you would want to measure the value coming out of the benefits created.

And lastly, have a look at and their transformation compass.
As Kiron mentioned, this will highly depend on the organization policies and existing system and structure.
If this template is required as a reference then may be you can use as suggested by Kiron, but you might need to tailor it to your organization need.

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