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What the next step after getting PMP certificate.
What the next step after getting PMP certificate.
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What are your career & professional development goals? If you don't define those, any step will do...
Celebrate, update your profiles (show the world) and refine your goals, as Kiron said. Also, now you have the drivers licence, and congrats for that, start practicing driving. Take on challenges, if you like. Leverage what you now know.

Maybe your employer has an idea, maybe your family, maybe yourself. Consider eulogy virtues (become a good person) instead of CV virtues (make a million).
Dear Mohammed,
job apply hahahah
l recommend you to join the local chapter, you fill find people with same mindset that you, and facing the same challenges. Some local chapters also have mentoring programs that can help you to understand and create smart goals and next steps in your professional development.
First congrats!

Next steps? That depends on your background. If you qualify for the PMI-ACP do that next, as it carries the most weight. If you feel you're not ready for that - do the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) from Scrum Alliance if you don't already have a scrum certification. I can't tell you how many jobs list both a PMP and CSM as preferred requirements these days.

Join your local chapter if you haven't, many have mentoring programs and it's a great way to gain PDUs.

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