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Write up success stories
I am looking for training on how to successfully write up project success stories for senior management....anyone seen anything good on this?
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Best way of writing project success stories is talk to PM, SME's, Product Owners, Team Leads. They are great resources and can share their success stories how they overcome on different situations, their good practices which make them success in project.
Rebecca -

Why not look at the case studies which PMI highlights every month in their PM Network publication - especially the candidates for their annual project of the year competition. Those provide some good examples across multiple industries.

As a project manager, I need to document key lessons learned in order to show the value of the team, the sponsor and my contribution.

Show on one slide:
In this project, we achieved these main 3 targets: x,y,z
and overcame these main challenges a,b,c by doing this.

Senior management contributed to the success by ??? and could consider improving !!! for future projects.
If you are looking for books with short stories/pieces of wisdom about project success, here are some

- say yes to project success - Karthik Ramamurthy
- the projectless manager - Peter Taylor
- getting amazing things done - Henry Lewis
and the classic
- the project 50 - Tom Peters

Enjoy reading, might be inspiring

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