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Can anyone recommend any good consultant books?
Can anyone recommend any good consultant books? I eventually want to start a consultant business and need a thorough reference to model after. Any help is greatly appreciated ??
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John, are you asking from the standpoint of running an independent business (i.e. target market identification, bookwork, marketing, etc) or performing the tasks for your clients?
If the earlier, the "Lean Canvas" may help get you off the ground. For PM books, the 3 I recommend are:
- Bare Knuckled Project Manager
- The Keys to Our Success (David Barrett)
- Alpha Project Manager (Andy Crowe)
Though they don't call out consulting specifically, they're practical in their content.
John -

if you haven't read it yet, would highly recommend Gerald Weinberg's "The Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice".

No book will help you. You have put your focus on the role and the role is closer to Business Analyst. Take a look to business analisys docmention inside the PMI and the IIBA website, mainly the PMIĀ“s business analysis practice guide.
All of Edgar Schein's publications are valuable, particularly his 2016 Humble Consulting.
Cast broadly, find your own way!
I found Peter Block's Flawless Consulting valuable when I was starting out as a consultant.

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