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Is a CAPM certification and an MSc from a decent BS with no experience suffice to find an internship abroad(english speaking countries)?

I have recently obtained an MSc in international business from a decent business school in Europe and I am currently working on the CAPM certification in order to find an internship as an associate/assistant project manager preferable abroad(in english).The only project management education I received is from one course.I have never done any internships and have never worked. My question is this: if I obtain the CAPM certification will recruiters abroad consider hiring me based on the certification and the MSc from a kinda well known BS?I live in Europe and did my studies in english but I am passing the exam in my local language, so my second question is: would the recruiters be able to see what language I passed the exam in?

As far as I know, Recruiters won’t be able to see which language you passed with exam in, nor anyone else.

Having the CAPM can be an asset and strengthen your portfolio as it shows commitment to the profession and to learning but not sure that it will secure an international internship for you given the current pandemic situation.


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