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I should never give up to get CAPM and PMP certificates?
For three times I tried to take the CAPM exam (online proctored) , I used to get a problem until I started to think that the " " is not very serious to contribute or to share their problem which they face.
(Even their check in process does not mean everything, there are also environments let you down).
The problem I used to prepare my self for many times and it comes easily and said there is either a problem in your laptop or no one can lead you or short staff who not replying you.
Even if they give you another chance , however they take it as not serious.
Due to COVID-19 the PearsonVue centers are still closed in my country and this is another problem.

I will follow "Mandy Hale" when she said:-

“Never stop trying. Never stop believing. Never give up. Your day will come.”

Sorry to hear this is happening with you but don’t get discouraged. I heard lots of people have issues with Pearson Vue online platform.

Many mentioned the same thing you did, others said, their exam was stopped in the middle.

This is very unfortunate and maybe PMI should look at this issue but again, this is not only happening with PMI Exam candidates. It’s happening for many others too.


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