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Project Charter
Hi everyone.
I need a real life example of a project charter for an EPC project. Will be glad if anyone can assist me with this.

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Enoch -

while I'm sure Rami and other community members who have focused in the EPC domain might have "scrubbed" examples which they could share with you, here is one from the templates section of this community - you may want to search for others:

Real Life example? It has no sense, with all my due respect. Take a project charter template from the store of templates on this site and fill it up with all you collect as the information needed in the template.
Are you asking for a project charter from an actual project? If so, remember that the charter can be considered a confidential document between sponsors and or the team and internal only to the company.

You can find examples by googling "project charters" and a host of images should appear.

Good luck on your project,.
As other noted, "real" examples sometimes are confidential and you need to tailor it to your needs. You can find very good templates in this site with the index and the information that you'll need to gather.

On the other hand, if your need is more to discuss, to learn about a real example, maybe you can reach out your local chapter and some mentor can support you in the creation/review of it.
Hi Enoch,
For anything related to EPC projects, if you have not an Engineering background, your best bet would be have experienced Project Engineers (PE)/Project Engineering Managers(PEM) on board of your project team as soon as you possibly can, as those are specialized knowledge activities, tasks and deliverables that require solid technical and engineering foundations to be applied in order to achieve success in defining, implementing, carrying on and completing EPC/EPCM projects.
great information provided by experts above, I am agree with ED Tsyitee Jr charter are confidential documents between sponsor and the team.
Send me a purchase order and all available documentation and I'll write it for you.

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