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What Flavor of Leadership Do You Prefer?
What Flavor of Leadership Do You Prefer?

Did you know? Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

To observe this day all you need is chocolate ice cream.
But don’t stop there. Put it on a cone, add some toppings like whipped cream or some cherries on top, you name it.
Chocolate ice cream goes back to recipes from Italy in the 17 century and it was one of the first ice cream flavors.

Just like there are different ice cream flavors there are different leadership styles.
Chocolate is my favorite flavor. And so is Open Honest Leadership.
Where leader:
Tells you like it is
Does not compartmentalize the information to certain groups
Does not hide
Provide atmosphere of trust
Lets you try new things without shooting you down if you fail

My least favorite ice cream is Vanilla. Which is the #1 flavor of ice cream. My least favorite leader style is the Befriend Leadership Style. When the leader tells you to trust them and to spill your guts and bad mouth each and everyone in the organization.
This leads to:
Division in the organization
Hiding of mistakes
Broken trust
No trust
Status quo
No out of another box thinking

What is your favorite leadership style?
What’s your least favorite leadership style?
What style of leadership do you practice?

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My most favourite ice cream is Chocolate too.
I love the Situational Leadership style.

My least favourite ice cream is Vanilla too.
I do not like the Autocratic Leadership style.
The leadership that is defined by the current place I am working today.
I prefer the Situational Leadership style too,but in Chinese words, it is easy to know what to do but hard to do,sometimes you have to struggle with your character?
In Canada we have a ice cream available in bulk with three flavors, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, called Neapolitan. One can take individual servings of either or a combination based on personal preference. I suggest this may be the best approach to leadership - apply the style. the suits the situation rather than force to situation to suit your style.
Humble, trusting, accountable leadership
The type of leadership must be above all things genuine. Some people might recommend to be tougher, some others to be less direct... at the end of the day, everyone has to find the leadership style that works for them.

Fake until you make it, in leadership, bears along a risk of coming across as a phony leader.

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