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I was in a webinar on Wednesday and they mentioned a calculator that calculated the loss due to unhappy employees. Does anyone know where it is?
Trying to find some research into this area and if there is a calculator to be able to use it to help lobby my employer to make some changes.
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Google for "employee attrition costs", Karl, and there are a number of articles which provide formulas to determine this.
Hello Karl - I believe you are referring to Wednesday's PMIĀ® Talent & Technology Virtual Symposium 2020 in which the keynote speaker, Kris Boesch, informed registrants to access this calculator on her Choose People website.
Without the calculator, that was well study and determined when Balanced Scorecard Method was created by Kaplan and Norton. If you ask me, I recommend people to go there instead to search for a calculator, with all my due respect.
I also attended the PMI Talent & Technology Virtual Symposium 2020 and had a question. Kris mentioned a "Culture Works" program on PMI. I cannot find it. Is it on PMI or What should I use to search for it? Thank you!
Hello Angela - if you view the ON Demand event you can obtain her document for PMI from the Resources tab. I hope this helps!

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