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Why "Manage Team" (PMBok) is includes in Executing process group?
Dear All,
I am preparing for PMP exam. I have question about Resource Management KA. In this KA, we have two process "Manage Team" (MT) to manage project team (human resource) and "Control Resource" (CR) for physical resource. However, MT is included in Executing process group, CR is included in M&C process group.
CR is included in M&C is OK, but I don't know why MT is included in Executing process group?
Thanks for reading my question
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Nguyen -

While the team is producing the deliverables of the project, the PM is actively engaged in helping the team to be their best. This activity goes well beyond just monitoring and controlling their work, hence its inclusion in the Executing process group.

Thank Kiron for your value reply. I just confirm again your point: You means that in "Manage Team", PM also do monitoring and controlling and beyonds these activities. Do I understand right?
Because you do not have the team before execution. Remember: is not about what you do in your work life. It is about what the PMI expect as an answer in the framework of the PMBOK.

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