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Set a date for PMP! Final Question(s)

I have officially set a date for my PMP. I have a couple questions that need addressed.

1.) Are understanding the theorists important for the exam? (Ex: Joseph Juran and knowing what he developed, etc.)

2.) Can someone please explain or point me in the direction via the PMBOK as to the steps in the closing process group. I feel like I know it but I may get some steps out of place and would like a clearer picture of that.

3.) I am specifically focused on the breakdown of the Processes and ITTO's involved in them at this time (still fuzzy piecing it all together but feel like I can make sense of it if a question is being addressed.)

4.) I know that not much math is involved for the test and feel good about most of the problem solving except I have trouble with specific equations involving EAC - is this important?

5.) ALSO - I just read that there were some questions involved regarding Agile which I have not focused any of my attention on (I am assuming these are the 25 Questions that are not gradable?) should I do some further research into this?

Thanks and wish me luck! I feel like I am going to scrape by if I do pass as most of my practice attempts are in the low 70's% range and they end up being higher after some analysis and review I score around ~85%.. but I think it is finally time for me to take it as I have devoted the last couple months to this and I need to see what I know!
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Mark -

1. A general understanding of the main motivational models (e.g. Maslow, Herzberg) is needed.

2. Don't confuse process groups with a sequence of steps - none of the process groups and processes follow a strictly linear sequence and most are iterative.

3. Focus on the flow between processes (e.g. Deliverables - Verified Deliverables - Accepted Deliverables) and key ITTOs vs the trivial many. A good PMP prep course or self-study guide will help with that.

4. EVM questions will be the main maths oriented ones as outside of that, all you have is # of communication channels, PERT/beta distribution estimates, and EMV. EAC is likely going to show up on one or two questions but I'd suggest understanding it well as it very useful in "real" life.

5. There have been more agile questions being asked now than were a couple of years back but no one can say with certainty (other than PMI staff who won't!) whether those are control questions or not.

Good luck!

Best of luck! Remember to sleep well, as you're not likely to be able to memorize everything with 100% accuracy. It's quite a lengthy exam so you won't be able to think straight anyway if you are not well-rested and concepts not well-internalized.

Prioritize the understanding of the concepts - the questions are very situational so it's a lot more helpful to approach them with a fresh mind (they can be worded in a misleading way).

I took my PMP Exam today and unfortunately failed. I was starting to get nervous as I was taking a longer time than anticipated so I was unable to review any of my questions - and when I finally finished with 20 minutes left I just went ahead and submitted it as my brain was already pretty fried by then..

It looks like I am below target in IN, PL. I also did not prepare anything related to Agile and there are about 10+ questions on the test concerning that.

I studied through SimpliLearn and I feel like their practice tests were not the best to prepare me for this test.

Can anybody recommend some other resources/tools for me to look into? I want to retake the test right away as I feel like I am right on the cusp!

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
Sorry to hear that, Mark!

I teach using the Velociteach system and we picked that product because it provides multiple complementary methods of learning the content.

I would also suggest increasing the number of practice exams you take to try to increase your speed. Ideally you should leave yourself at least a half-hour at the end for reviewing marked questions which you had flagged and skipped.

The addition of those agile questions is interesting - that is fairly recent, and some folks are suspecting those might have been added as "control" (i.e. not counting towards your final score) questions as a simply way for PMI to test the quality of the questions being built for the January exam change...

Don't despair - I know folks who have failed once who have knocked it out of the park the second time.

Thanks Kiron - you have been a huge help along the way - I know I should be able to get it next time!

I knew the exam was going to be situational but I didn't anticipate 90% of it being situational..

Hardly any equations and not too many freebies or give-aways. Every question was pretty thought provoking and was a bit stressful!

I was pretty confident with the practice tests I have taken through SimpliLearn but I think I am going to try some more out and hopefully sit for the test again in the next week or two.

I just bought the Udemy Exams to practice those - I hope they are more aligned with the actual exam.

What is the best way for me to study Agile concepts and dive deeper in on IN / PL concepts ?
Mark -

For agile, I'd suggest (re)reading the Manifesto and skimming (or ideally reading) through PMI's Agile Practice Guide.

With initiating & planning, you'd pretty much need to review the purpose of each process group as well as to try a bunch of practice questions related to the processes falling into each of these. Unfortunately, that is more than half of the 49 processes :-(

One of the reasons we like the Velociteach system is their online practice exams can be customized to focus on specific process groups, knowledge areas or even processes.


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