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Should I be taking the PMI-ACP or is the PMP enough?
I have already obtained my PMP, but I feel I can still be more "Agile ready" - should I be taking the PMI-ACP or is the PMP enough?

Are there alternatives/supplements to recommend?
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That depends on what are your professional goals.

One of the requirements to get the PMI-ACP is to have previous experience with Agile (8 months of agile project experience), and a few minutes ago I answered one of your questions asking about sprint planning and Scrum, so maybe you will need to get a little more experience before to target this one.

I personally only have the PMP and I'm not planing in getting PMI-ACP... maybe I will go directly to PgMP, but is because nowadays I'm not managing only projects also programs and is what I really like to do.

Hope it helps.
I am PMP, PMI-ACP and PMI-PBA. When I decide to earn a certification my decision is based on future market demands. In the case of PMI-ACP I think you have to wait to understand which will be the final strategy for the PMI regarding DA. While both are totally different perhaps it could be good to wait some time.
Is your goal to become more proficient with Agile, or to prove your Agile proficiency for the purpose of advancing your career? If the former, then you can use any number of resources to learn more about Agile. If the latter, then you should pursue the PMI-ACP.
Hi Jonathan,
I have the same question in my mind but I am happy to share my thoughts here.
There is a big misconception that ACP certification is more applicable if you are in IT field however I would highly recommend going for ACP if you want to strengthen your Project Management skills and address the downfalls in traditional/waterfall project management methods.
Good Luck!
Thanks Jonathan,
You asked this question for me too... though Personally I think, the potential certification desire should depend on Career prospects and goals...
Hi Jonathan,

I'm of the belief that every PMP should eventually go for the PMI-ACP because agile will just be more and more in demand. That said, if you don't have the experience to sit for the PMI-ACP right now, I really recommend taking the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) to help until you get your foot in the door somewhere, then get the experience and sit for the PMI-ACP

Sadly, PMP isn't enough anymore and most jobs want to see that you can use different multiple approaches (Scrum, Kanban, XP, TDD, etc)

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