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Spotify's Scaled Agile Model
Does anyone know of firms or teams who actually practice Spotify's Scaled Agile model? Any context or insights would be welcome. EVen with experienced agile professions I've spoken to, seems there is a lot of skepticism around this. Rumour has it, that it's not that popular at Spotify anymore either.

The constituents of this engineering model are:
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I am working in a company inside the strategy and innovation enterprise PMO, the place where we experiment things like that and leading the way the company started time ago to transform to Agile. Because the company, we have direct access to people who are directly using it inside the company which have invented it. The thing I can published is: "behind the truth is always the truth" as the wisdom said. Take a look to the model, beyond the published is not exactly the real model, and you will understand why is quit impossible to implement mainly if you do not accept you need to manage "the chaos" (I am using chaos without negative implications, just chaos as defined by the system dynamics theory).
Jonathan -

Spotify's teams have continued to evolve their way of working. Organizations which try to adopt the "Spotify Method" are looking in the rearview mirror AND will likely find that some if not all of the practices don't fit their context.

On top of that, remember that Spotify was built from the ground up with the philosophy of agile in mind. Most companies are not in that situation and will end up just "doing" Spotify rather than "being" Spotify...


I share Kiron's view of the status of the spotify model.
Some banks build on it, like ING and Sberbank.

You will find the terms Squad, Guilds and Tribes in many places, but they may mean different things.

You might like another model with similar features, from Haier, see

Not all useful things need to be labeled agile, especially if they exist for a longer time than this term.


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