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What is the difference between Scaled Agile and Disciplined Agile?
Seems they both preach combining Agile and Lean methodologies for matured organizations.
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Disciplined Agile is the name of the brand, product and tool set of PMI to implement scaled agile.

Scaled agile is the problem description of transferring a often successful concept of Scrum up to the organizational level. Many potential solutions are on the market, so we could guess there is no silver bullet yet.
Jonathan are you referring to SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)? If so, that is a framework providing a limited set of configurations for agile transformation. It is not a toolkit like DA and hence by design is more prescriptive.

If you choose to adopt DA, you can still layer SAFe practices and roles on top of that so it is not a SAFe or DA choice but rather if you want the best of both...

@Thomas, @Kiron, great explanations.
Both are different things and the focus is different. As @Kiron stated above when you talk about to scale agile you have different approaches under the umbrella of Agile@Scale: LeSS, Scrum@Scale, Nexus, SAFe, DSDM (can be used for that) and perhaps other I forgot because I am put here those I have the possiblity to use. DA is an umbrella that can be used with all of them (at least in my personal experience). Just one comment: if you have to scale agile then you have made things in the incorrect way from the very begining. At the end, is like @Thomas stated above: most of them are the intention to use Scrum from a team to the whole corporte. All of them are a "mess" and a headache. No matter that, I am in charge to implement SAFe in my actual work place. You know, ""Money beats looks"..hehehe

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