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How do you find a Job in project management?
Hello Everyone,
Hope you're well.

I am an electrical engineer with automation experience. Having worked in the water sector for almost 8 years I then decided to do a PMP and got certified. However due to COVID-19 I am jobless.

So, how can I can get a job as a project manager? Does the job must be related to my experience or I can use my PMP certification to land any project management job? I want to practice also so that I don't forget what I have learned-- Any advice?

Thank you in advance
Best Regards
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Georges -

Domain knowledge is critical to be an effective PM and if this is your first role as a "titled" PM, I would not recommend straying outside of your area of expertise.

In terms of breaking into the profession, one common method is to start as a project coordinator or analyst supporting a Senior PM on a large project. The experience you'll gain doing that will make it easier for you to land a "true" PM role.

Hello Gorges,

I am facing with the same situation, only that i shifted to new country and while i was search for a job, this covid situation came in and halted everything.

My suggestion to you would be to keep on looking jobs in the same domain if its an urgent thing for you.

Otherwise you can take this as a pivot in your career transition and do some research.

most jobs are found thru connections you have. So build your network, in PMI, in LinkedIN, whatever works in UAE or where you are looking.

As Kiron and Amrapali say, it is easier to do a job in a domain you already have experience. And probably it is hard to convince people to hire you for a job which is new for you in both PM and domain aspects. So the search focus is clear. And water seems to be a future hotspot.

Nevertheless, as you are willing and prepared with the PMP to take another leap in your career, so look out for everything, do not limit your view. Maybe extend to adjacent areas first, environment, piping, waste, health, government etc.
Hello Georges,

I agree with what has been written so far. The pragmatic thing to do is to look for opportunities in the field that you know and in which you have hopefully built a network of professionals that can provide you with job leads. Changing industries is always challenging, and with the current situation is even more complicated. I would advise against it.

If you have earned PMP it means that you have experience as PM (at least three years). Therefore, targeting and applying to jobs in that domain seems logical.

Good luck in your job search.
There's always a challenge finding a position during times such as a pandemic as many companies put "hold"s or "freezes" on hiring.

The best advice I can give is the following:
1) Keep yourself busy by learning - take webinars, online classes in PM / agile / etc
2) If you want to pursue a certification now and have the background - DO IT!
3) Be flexible in your job requirements, realize you might have to take a level down or a contract position to get your foot in the door somewhere.
4) Be patient - everything is really slow right now. You can be the best candidate in the world for a position but because of companies adjusting to being remote onboarding and hiring is slow in many places.

Good luck to you!

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