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Do you ever get lonely as a PM?
I've realized how lonely I feel as a Project Manager, how do I recover?
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Yes, I had this feeling.

PM can be a sandwich position, leading and caring for the team as well as satisfying the sponsor, client and other stakeholders. As such it helps to become a better leader, being ethical, protecting the team, making the client happy and giving the sponsor a safe feeling.

The employer can pool PMs, which helps a bit, if you can hear the problems of peers and relate them to your own, get them in for review, getting advice and have some bonding.

I found joining PMI, the Chapter and volunteering most helpful. And also looking for mentors.
Yes,sometimes I have the same feeling.
But this lonely made me much more stronger.
It is unavoidable to feel lonely regardless of the role you develop or job you have. I do not feel that PMs are more or less prone to feel lonely than an architect, a waiter or a journalist, to name a few.

I may suggest to use this lonely time (assuming that you are alone during your loneliness, it doesn't have to be but most times is) to reflect and meditate. In times where we are hyperconnected - and yet feeling lonely - meditation provides often answers just as valuable, if not more, than Google.
Yes. Too early to drink, so not going to say more.
Any management position can be isolating. Your job is to connect the top to the bottom (or vise versa) of the org chart and you can get the feeling that you don't belong in either group.

There is a life outside of the job either through professional associations, neighborhood, civic opportunities, family, etc.

Within the job there may not be opportunity for deep friendships but mutual respect and professionalism can be healthy. Also, you are typically not alone in middle management, there is your peer group. It may be wise to network within that group as you may have some mutual interest both at work and socially.

I find that loneliness is a choice as there are so many opportunities to be sociable.
Is the loneliness related to isolation because of COVID-19 or have you experienced this loneliness before or unrelated to COVID?

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