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Removing Impediments
Hello Experts - Which scrum role is responsible for removing impediments - The Dev Team or the Servant Leader?. My understanding is that the servant leader will facilitate and the onus is on the dev team. Please clarify
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The scrum master, also known as guardian of scrum team, is the one responsible for removing impediments, amongst other responsibilities.
The first answer is: the team itself. Each one are able to take and impediment and resolve it by concensus. But here comes more detail.
The focus of the Scrum Master is Scrum. So, if you are talking about impediments related to the use of Scrum then yes, the Scrum Master is accountable for us.
If you are talking about the product then Product Owner is accountable for that.
Depends. On which type of impediments you are thinking about.
If technology impediments, typically the DEv Team.
If "organizational, political, logistics, etc." impediments, than the "Servant Leader" steps in.
If you're doing actual Scrum it's the Scrum Master role. (Referred to in your post by servent leader)
Per Scrum - it's the Scrum Master (aka the servent leader)

However, in practice, if it's something in the team the team should try before going to the SM (as the team is supposed to be self-organizing). If the impediment is outside the team - that's definitely the job of the SM

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