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Good afternoon! I've been thinking about finding a mentor for a while now. I believe a mentor could help me develop, learn, and understand this world better. I don't know what you need to know about me to give your best advice so i'll tell you the highlights of what I'm looking for.

I would like to get in touch with an English speaking Mentor that don't mind mentoring me virtually. I start a PMP course this autumn, but as I already work as a PM and are running our organizations biggest project I'm hungry for information from someone with experience.

How do I go about realizing this? All tips are welcome!
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Ulrikke, happy to help. I am from Germany and a PMP since 1998. Look me up in LinkedIn and connect if you like,
I would be happy to help you make your project successful. I am a PfMP and a PMP from Mumbai, India.

I might be able to help as well but it depends on how many hours of mentorship you are looking for on a monthly basis, as my time is a bit limited in the next couple of months.

Rather interesting idea, as I think

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