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Hi! I'm planning to apply to the PMP certification in the next few months. Does this platform offer any trial tests?
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I don’t think there are any trail tests on this platform. But, you can definitely practice your skills using PMchallenge. The questions on PMChallenge are not exactly the kind that appear in the PMP exam but the concepts are well covered. You will find them useful.

All the best with your PMP exam!
When you take your PMP test focus on Project Manager activities. For example if she is in Planning process so what she must do first. Also, having Agile knowledge will help you to get the holistic view of project management irrespective of Plan driven or Change driven approach. Wish you Good luck for your exam!
You can access the PMP practice exam offered by PMI via the below link:

You need to be a member to access this exam. It was informed that it is available to only India region but I hear from others preparing for the exam that they were able to access good luck.

Hope this helps.
Olá Gloria, verifique este link abaixo, acho que vai ajudar na preparação. Também vou adquirir para minha preparação.

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