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In the PMBOK Guide 6th edition there are several logs that a project manager should keep, how do you keep those logs, what is your practice about it?
There are several logs that a PM should keep when managing a project, for instance, assumption log, issue log, risk register, change log. I have the following questions:

1. Do you create and keep all of them?
2. Are there tailoring considerations that perhaps avoid using some of them?
3. Do you create another log?

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I would say, yes, all of these logs are important for projects and project management.

Additional ones, which I used are: opportunity log (it can be part of risk log or separate), claims log (for contracts with external customers, where claims have been issued, or can be issued), project margin improvements plan/log of activities, new sales pipeline activities log (for new contracts, enhancements, optimisations, etc). Anything that serve the needs to have transparency on the project can be /should be logged and tracked.
PMBOK put those logs, mainly the format, as optional. We have to consider it optional and it is something the PMI carries because the PMIS, where PMIS is not a software system, is a system by itself. On the other side, "one of the maxims of project management is what is not written, does not exist" so call it as you need but somebody has to be registered in some place.
Thanks for sharing
Jorge -

Tailoring your approach to the needs of the project is key. A small, straightforward project might have a single spreadsheet containing such data (e.g. assumptions, decisions, issues, actions, risks) whereas a larger, more complex project would benefit from the use of a more advanced project information tool.

The important thing is to understand what information is needed by your stakeholders and you to successfully manage, deliver and support the project and come up with the leanest method possible for achieving that within the constraints of organizational policy and standards.


yes, I use at least issue log, risk register, change log in every project. If it is not covered by an integrated IT system, I keep excels maintained in team accessible locations.

Thank you everyone for sharing your valuable insights. I will write a post about a log that I am using and it has payed off so far. Tip: it is not in the PMBOK Guide. Stay tunned

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