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Project Managers & Scrum Masters
Probably a somewhat controversial subject, but anyone has any experience on project managers working together with scrum masters? What are the working arrangements like?

Also, what about instances where there are scrum masters without project managers, and/or vice versa?
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Jonathan -

A lot depends on the scale or size of a project. For a small initiative it might be possible for a PM to play a dual role, or an SM to work with the PO to cover off PM-type activities.

However, once you get into larger scale contexts - for example, multiple agile teams working together to deliver a single project, enterprise situations where you have multiple delivery and control partners, or any type of moderate to high complexity projects, a PM is still likely required and they would work hand-in-hand with the SMs who would be supporting the individual agile teams.

Both are totally different things. We use both in my actual work place. Scrum Master focus is Scrum not a project. If you use Scrum a project manager is not needed. In fact, if you use a project manager while using Scrum then you are not using Scrum or I can say not in the right way.
In my case, when leading a big program/projects that have a small piece of tech department, usually my key interactions are with the product owners.
However I try to keep in a regular pace communication or join (as listener) one stand up meeting with the Scrum Masters, however I can't interfere in their daily activities, doesn't make sense having a project manager in the middle of a Scrum Team.

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