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Is there is a best road to becoming a PM?
Hello community.

As I learn so far there is more than one road to achieve something and It is better to ask the people that walked that road.

I wish to become a PM for business process and technology companies my background as an Engineering allowed me to be part of several projects. Since CRM implementation, Building of a distribution center and a Delivery App

As I surf the the PMI website there are a lot of certification. If the profile of the applicant is in an entry level as is my case.

What is the best certification you recommend?

Thanks for the feedback and time
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Victor -

Assuming you don't have sufficient experience to go for the PMP, the CAPM is PMI's entry-level PM certification.

However, I'd suggest that you try to get a role as a project analyst or coordinator on a project in the technology domain as that is your strength. With some experience in that role, you'd be well positioned for a PM role.

What do you like? To be a project manager or to get a certification? Both are totally different things. My recommendations is being a project manager then the certification time will come when it has to come.

try out PMI's Navigator.

Navigator is a new tool that takes a holistic view of where you are in your career journey and prescribes a personalized action plan to match you with the perfect growth opportunities.

Another tip is to see PM not only as a skill needed for being a project manager. PMI sees it as a life skill, taught to kids, and in MBA classes. So don't look for titles too early, but rather learn and improve.

Once you think you know what you want, get a mentor.
Hi Viktor,
I will echo Sergio on that. Being a PM and having a certificate are totally different things.
I have seen and talked to many new to project management profession people, who are aiming at certification in order to enter this profession without having much experience.

The certificate should be a proof that a professional already has experience and should be taken as a recognition in the profession. Not vice versa. Hence the requirements from PMI on real project experience before apply for certification.

So the path is to get first experience, Kiron outlined some good suggestions and then go for certification. I am sure that then you alone will know which certificate to pursue, based on your future plans and professional interests.

Good luck and all the best.

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