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Scrum Pillars
For the Scrum pillars of transparency, inspection and adaptation, what do you see as any pitfalls in these areas?
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Those belongs to empirical process control and has been taken for Scrum because Scrum claims to be founded on that. Pitfalls in those areas is because the misinterpretation people done about it. Because of that I always recommend going to quality theory to understand the basic definition because Scrum creators taken it from that place.
Marcus -

There is a dark-side to each of these.

Increased transparency might lead to micro-management from senior leaders who want to take control of what is happening. Inspection & adaptation could be an excuse for a random walk to nowhere if there isn't a clear "North Star" in terms of a project/product vision.

This is why guidance and coaching can help a team and organization new to different ways of working avoid common pitfalls.

@Sergio, @Kiron, much appreciate your input. It's highly valued.


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