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Lean vs. Scrum
When do you choose between these 2 methodologies? It seems Lean is most commonly used in areas such as manufacturing whereas Scrum is very common in software. Yet, they're both considered "Agile" approaches.
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Those are not methodologies. Lean is an approach, a way of behave and thinking. You can apply Lean with the method you choose. Scrum is a framework, not a method. Scrum was created by applying Lean or at least inspired by Lean.

I do not consider lean to be an agile approach (and certainly not a methodology), it existed before agile as approach was coined and focuses on efficiency.

Agilistas have a tendency to hijack helpful ideas, which I consider disrespectful and dishonest, aka unethical.

Knowing about lean and agile and Scrum is helpful.

Lean thinking applies everywhere - all industries and all types of work. Agile is well aligned with lean principles and frameworks such as Scrum will benefit accordingly.


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