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Will waterfall disappear in near future?
Is Waterfall disappear and Agile will take over? OR some organization still be Waterfall?
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The problem whit this statement is: waterfall and Agile are two totally different things. Agile is an approach while waterfall is a life cycle. You can apply Agile using waterfall life cycles.

I think your question is really about predictive versus adaptive approaches. Both are important. Specifically in the field of software projects the adaptive (agile) approaches dominate and it seems likely that trend will continue for the foreseeable future. For other kinds of work the predictive methods remain relevant.
Anton said it best: "No". Certain projects lend themselves to predictive life cycle approaches, others to adaptive. An agile mindset can be applied to either life cycle approach.

Absolutely not.

I was running my first sub-project in an agile waterfall approach 1984-85, quite successfully.

As with many things, agile and waterfall are not opposites but concepts that may very well go together.

If you are stuck with opposites, you should change perspectives (also called reframing, another tool for a project manager).
Disappear? Surely not. Evolve? Certainly.

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