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Influence Over Ethics?
If there is situation where political influence has pressure on PM to do something which is against PM's or PMI ethics, which choice shall PM make?
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From a moral standpoint, the answer is easy, act ethically. Practically it is not always that easy because it might mean that the PM must take a stand against senior management which could lead to the PM losing his/her job. With the current economic climate, everybody is doing what they can to keep employment so it is not easy to say 'screw you, we either act ethically or I leave'.

Also, it is easy to say the PM must 'sell' the ethical way but when politics are involved those that want you to do the wrong thing already know this and they are not really interested in a life lesson.

The PM should definitely speak up and make their voice known. How loud is a matter of their risk tolerance, it is important to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it in order to stay employed. BTW if employment status is not a concern to you then don't back down, state your case, back it up with the facts and move on if they insist on doing the wrong thing.
I agreed, PM should stick with 'Ethics' but its more easy saying than dealing with situation in real time. PM can bring options on the table but can't advise them (Political Influence Leaders)
End of the day I believe losing job is better than doing wrong. At least you can sleep better at night with no guilt feelings.
The question is how well do you prepare yourself for these ethical choices. How do you become a good person?

You can plan and prepare for it, you can make ethical decisions without pressure and you can debrief ethical decision making. No-one makes good ethical decisions out of the blue.

There is a good HBR article on it

and a pitch I made available at slideshare


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