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How do you persuade people who insist the team could work without defined rules and processes into considering whether using systematic methodology
Have you faced people who confidently say the team could make things happen without clear rules and processes? Yes, I met before and there were much collision between us because she always said "We don't need process, R&R and so forth, Just do it and then, it will be done."
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Jiyoon -

1. Unless a team wishes to be branded "rogue" and punished accordingly, there will be enterprise standards & policies which they need to follow. This doesn't mean they can't ask "why" some of those standards & policies are in place, but unless they have the ability to influence changes to those, they should adhere to them.

2. Within those guardrails, the team should define their way of working. This doesn't mean they act in an undisciplined manner but they are closest to the work hence they are in the best position to tailor their working approach to the context of that work and then inspect & adapt as they go.

Yes, Jiyoon.

It may be a sign of seeing an entrepreneur (as Eric Ries describes it in The startup way) or a inconvenient giver (Adam Grant) who has new ideas and cannot follow given rules if he wants to follow thru with them. IBM for decades calls them wild ducks and some of them become IBM Fellows, who can do what they want and have a budget.
It also may be just a misguided guy, but check the previous option first.

Any organization needs a few of them, to stir things up and to be able to respond to the increasing number of changes.

If a project team (or a company) benefits from diversity (and I deeply belief so), the project managers tasks is to orchestrate these diverse views and behaviors.

You are lucky if you have them, use them wisely.
This is a project manager's challenge if he/she is accountable for the results of the wild ducks :)
In many cases this is a reaction to "too much process" - think government here.

When operating as a lone-wolf where no one relies on you and you rely on no one it can be rewarding to achieve the objective. However, as soon as there is a team there has to be some structure - you have to communicate, integrate, report which is process.

Find the right balance
Thank you all for your feedback! It would be helpful!
Always is a process, always is a plan in place. It could be implicit or explicit, but always it is there. So, the first thing to do, if help then to visualize the process and plan they are following. With that on hand, work with them to get from them those things that they believe will be better to make them work life more happy.

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