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Agile or Waterfall?
When building the new DC, how Agile methodology can implement? In DC build-out project every phase has a distinct work package that needs to deliver before proceeding to the next phase. Example: Equipment cannot delivery to the site without DC fit-out finish. The devices cannot be powered on and configure without Rack/Stack the devices.
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Hanif, good question.

I built datacenters in the 1980s and later in the 2000s, though the latter was more cloud based or for clouds.

Though the overall schedule was broken into phases and work packages depending on each other, as you describe, agile thinking (responding to changes and to new learning) was mandatory even before it was called such, as well for overall planning as for work package execution.

So even decades ago, careful planning and flexibility were no contradiction, as some now try to convince the world, as a marketing pitch.

More than 80% of value created by projects in the UK is still created in the traditional way, as a joint study of APM and PwC shows. It is important for a project manager to know agile concepts and tools, as it is important to understand risk management or leadership techniques. There is no silver bullet, every point in time is unique. Resilience means you can respond to any disruption.
Agile is not a life cycle. Waterfall is a life cycle. You can use Agile with waterfall. Is what we do if apply in some of my actual work place initiatives. Some people confuse Agile with using iterative-incremental life cycle and that is not the same. With that said, and just to comment my personal experience, I was in charge of one of the biggest and complex DC creations (if for DC you are talking about data center), according to publications related to project manager and business said which took it as a case of study. We use Agile based method with iterative-incremental life cycle. This type of initiatives fits well for this type of life cycles. But to select one and to select an approach a more general analisys has to be done.

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