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The effects of a Niko-niko Calendar
Has anyone used a Niko-niko Calendar to track their team's mood? Would be nice to hear what positive or negative results you have experienced from using it. Perhaps you can make recommendations for similar calendars which have worked a bit better for you?
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While I haven't used a daily pulse check of team member happiness, I've used sprint-based ones frequently following either a simple smiley/neutral/sad face or a stoplight criteria-based approach as popularized by Spotify.

I'd question whether daily is too frequent - I'd expect the team members to be open enough to share with one another if something is really bothering them on a given day and sometimes the perspective of looking back over a longer duration (e.g. week, two weeks) is needed.


I've never used it nor heard of it so I just learned something new. I read some stuff online and it seems interesting.

Thanks for sharing it.

Good to hear the updates. Much appreciated. I might give the Niko-niko Calendar a try, and see what pans out.
I would like to try it
I have not used it. I have seen a board that plots overall mood in one axis and "work mood" in the other, so people can write their name in the spot that suits best, and move it on a regular basis. Form what I have seen, these ideas are well intentioned but soon enough people lose interest. A more direct and personal approach gives a better outcome in my opinion.
I am using one-one meetings or random discussions with members to identify the issues. If the situation calls for it and if it will be beneficial to the concerned stakeholders then I document the points and check the improvement periodically.
Much appreciate the input, folks. Many thanks.

I had not heard about niko-niko calendar until i saw this post. went and checked what it was. seeing that, i can tell that the effectiveness of niko-niko calendar will completely depend on the culture. So it will not reveal the real mood of the team.

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