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Communication Styles
As communication is vital component for a project manager, being open to communication within a team is key to success in any project. Allowing team members to make suggestions so that they feel a part of the process is very valuable.

How would you describe your communication style with your teams? Any suggestions of communication styles that have worked best for you?
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Inclusive, empowering.

I have always been one to stay in my lane and allow for those with the expertise and skills take ownership of their efforts. It is vitally important for the team to feel like the work they are doing is meaningful and impactful, that they have a voice and can share creative, innovative ideas. We want to build a culture where individuals want to come to work, come energized, and excited to contribute.
@Andrew, very well said. I'd concur with that.

I would summarize it as "open" and "horizontal". I communicate professionally and with the utmost respect, regardless of whether I am communicating to the VP or to the junior operator.
With this Covid season where everyone is working virtually, the same communication and working style that we had before Covid, is not working out now. Companies are freezing hiring, freezing salary appraisal, folks are being laid off - so there is a general sense of mistrust and fear everywhere. It reflects in communications as well.

So sticking to the task in hand and having an open conversation across the team about the tasks and having more face-time with the team members have to be increased. Empathy is more needed now than ever.

Same case with customers too. Where we worked with 2 different lists and then reconciled at the month end, it is now becoming imperative to have one shared list and allow the other party to see the list as I work on.
Appreciate the input from all of you. This helps a lot.

One of the basic concepts of communication is that it is a two way process - provide information and get information - otherwise its just talk (noise), not communication. Too many managers forget that
@Peter, many thanks for the response. Much appreciated.


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