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PMI mentorship program
When joining the PMI mentorship program as a protege, apart from areas of focus (mentoring track), what are some of the things one should look for in a PMI mentor? If you have been a mentor or a protege in the past, perhaps you can provide a personal overview of what you thought of the program, any lessons learned, positive feedback, any takeaways, your overall impression of the program?

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I volunteer as a mentor in our Vancouver Chapter. The program is as good as the mentees make it. They are the drivers so if they take the program seriously, engage and learn then the outcome will be positive.

My only take is that mentees need to be vetted properly before being accepted in the program.

Marcus -

A lot depends on the formality of the program and relationship as well as the specific objectives which the mentee has. At the more formal end, a mentor-mentee contract would spell out rules of engagement and mutual expectations.

In terms of what a mentee should look for in a prospective mentor:
1. Do they have the necessary experience (breadth & depth) to adequately support the mentee?
2. Do they "feel" trustworthy as there may very likely be confidences shared?
3. Do they have the necessary capacity?
4. Do they demonstrate the appropriate level of focus and active listening?

I always recommend a brief (1 hour) meet & greet for mentors & mentees to determine whether or not there is a fit.

Thank you Rami and Kiron for your insights. As usual, I'm grateful for them.


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