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I need some clarity in control procurements....

Procurement Documentation Updates is one of the key output of this process and under this it is mentioned that

Updates might include "unapproved contract changes". Can someone please explain what does it means? Whether it mean that changes can be made in contract without formal change control.
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I will answer assuming that you are preparing for the PMP exam. Just to remember, for each question, you have to answer what the PMI expect as an answer in the framework of the PMBOK no matter you will not do it in the real life. So, when you have to update the procurement documentation you have to record evidences about approved change request and about unnaproved change request. That´s the point. But before you are here you executed 4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control then here you have all related information about changes in your hands.
Neither we nor the vendor execute any changes if it is unapproved. But all the change requests are assessed based on the change management plan and it will be either approved or unapproved by the change control board. we need to document the unapproved change requests too for our record.
Got it.... Thank you everyone

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