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Urgent: RMP Exam Prep: Which Practice Standard to use
Hi, There are two books on PMI in regards to Risk Management:
1- The Standard For RiskMgmt (Only 175 Pages)
2- Practice_Standard_Project_Risk_Management ( Only 116 pages)
which of the book shall we consider for exam preparation?

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Manveer -

As the RMP exam has not been updated based on the 2019 standard, I'd recommend going with Chapter 11 of the PMBOK Guide and the old practice standard from a few years back.

I would also suggest using a reputable practice exam source to make sure you have a good grasp of the full content.

Thanks, Kiron for clarification on the Practice Standard. There is some confusion on the PMBoK as well. Is the current RMP exam based on the latest version i.e. PMBoK6 or the older one PMBoK5? I had gone through version 6 for RMP preparation but some of the sample exams that I gave on Udemy seem to be based on the older version of PMBOK5. ITTOs and a few other things seem different.


Like Kiron said, there was nothing announced by PMI that the exam changed to reflect the new revision of the standard so I suggest you follow the old RMP standard and PMBOK Version 5.

Here are my lessons learned for RMP:

Good Luck


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