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Questions to ask before starting a project
As project managers there are many questions to ask before and during a project. There are too many to mention. But, these are the top 5 questions I try to ask before starting a project.

1) What product/service is the project delivering? What's the objective/business goal of the project?
2) What are we not delivering?
3) What's the deadline of the project? What are the milestones and constraints?
4) What criteria determines project success?
5) Who is responsible for each deliverable? Who are the stakeholders involved?

What would you consider to be your top 5 questions to ask before starting a project?
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1- what are the potential identified risks.
2- plan communication management
3- Plan quality management.
1. How does this tie to the strategy for our company?
2. What does success look like for YOU?
3. What is the impact if we don't do this project?
4. Which is the most important constraint for the project?
5. What concerns do you have?

A few more questions for consideration (not in any particular order):
1) Who are the major stakeholders?
2) What is the PMO and project manager's authorities?
3) Where does the authority come from?
4) Who is the project sponsor?
5) Is there a formal business case?

Note: some of these questions should be addressed in the project charter and project pan as the first documents to be prepared by the PM.
1. What problem is this project addressing?
2. Is this the best option to address this problem?
3. How will we define success?
4. Are we committed to project success?
5. How will we engage our stakeholders throughout the project?
These are great folks. Much appreciate the feedback.


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