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Best ways to present survey data
Hello All,

I recently spearheaded the Post Mortem Process at the company I work for. We decided to use a specific program which had several projects completed for Spring used to launch our Lessons Learned Presentations and meetings.

What is the best way to present the data in the PowerPoints? Graphs, Charts, etc.?


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This really depends on what results you are trying to get by sharing the information - charts and graphs are tools to elicit a desired reaction so you'd want to pick the data presentation method most conducive to achieving that.

For example, if you want to highlight which lessons might (if learned) result in the greatest reduction of project issues, you might summarize it using a Pareto chart.

Adding to what Kiron said, create an executive summary that highlights your key points. Use the charts graphs etc. to demonstrate your key points. Summarize by explaining how your data analysis supports the key points from your introduction

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And remember to make sure you use logical groupings when presenting the data. We just love using vanity metrics when displaying data because it shows a number. And stupid example would be something like 'number of users logged in'. Why are we showing it? Is there an opposite side of the coin that will put the metric in context? Typically a vanity metric can be spotted when there is nothing supporting it, except for a number.

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