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Who Doesn’t Dislike A Pushy Salesperson? To Succeed As a Leader You Must Become One Or At Least Use A Salesperson’s Persona
The reason why you might dislike a salesperson is because after buying certain item you regret buying it.
So why not use the salesperson’s persona for the good!

Persona is a character created as a proxy for a target audience. Personas are used as tools to help understand customer motivations and predict their behavior in order to ultimately increase sales. Personas identify similar patterns of behavior that result in commonly held goal.

A good salesperson is the one who understand consumers needs and desires and communicates of what there are selling will solve that need or desire.
A leader one must be able to sell your vision of a brighter and better future for the organization if that idea is implemented. As a leader you must be a great Communicator who understand the needs and sets clear values and promote and inculcate those values in others. Leader illustrate ideas through stories and bring others in this journey.

A good salesperson adapts their style like a chameleon who changes spots at slightest change in the environment. If a salesperson senses that the customer is moving away from one of their pitches the salesperson throws another pitch.
As a leader you must Adapt to a situation. If you message is not heard. Pivot and use a different approach.


What is your Leadership Persona?
I am who I am. I do not accept the concept of adopting personas to gain an advantage. Suggest honesty, respect, transparency as a much better alternative.

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