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When is PMP exam changing
When is the PMP exam going to change to reflect the changes in the next edition of the PMBOK?
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PMP Exam is changes in January 2021 but to a new exam structure. No news yet as to when the exam will change to PMBOK 7th Edition nor there are definite dates as to when this version will be released to public.
PMI has stated that because the PMBOK Guide is just one of multiple books used as references for exam questions, the changes between the 6th and 7th editions will not require changes to the exam. PMI does regularly refresh questions within their exam pool so over time, there are likely to be some changes made but because they aren't doing things like adding processes or ITTOs (as those are no longer referenced in the PMBOK Guide) I wouldn't expect the changes to be overt.

Do you have any knowledge of whether the CAPM exam with have a different structure and if the exam will reflect changes from the 6th to the 7th?

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